Saturday, 12 January 2013

Honig - Duze Zwierze

This time we are record reviewing a seven inch record by German heavy metal band Honig. The reason I am doing this record is because Martin and Christoph who are the two people in Honig came to the Gate (the arts centre where I do these reviews) to do a concert and to be in an episode of Video Drama (You can see the video below) and while they were here they gave me a record so I thought I could write a review of it.
Honig @ the Gate 20.11.12
          The concert was a very good night indeed  and really great fun, the band played their heavy rock music and lots of the people from the centre got up to sing with them - I didn't though because I was just listening and watching instead. I thought Martin and Christoph were very good people and that it was very nice of them to come and play music for us because they are a very good band.
               The record that Honig gave me is a seven-inch single but instead of having two songs on it like other seven-inch records it has eight songs, they are very short songs though and it is a bit weird because the songs on it don't have any titles.
               The first song on side one of the record is 39 seconds long and starts of with Christoph singing "mozamy, mozamy" or something over and over and then the guitars and drums come in and it is very rocking but then it slows down a bit - I think it is very funny that this is such a short song but that that's ok; I thought it was a nice way to start the record off.
                The next song is a bit longer because it is 1 minute 37 seconds long. This one starts off with guitar that sounds a bit russian to me and then the drums come in and a voice that goes "argh, argh" like someone getting stabbed. Then the guitars come in and noises like a monkey in the jungle - I liked this one a lot because I thought it was funny.
                The next one is a minute long and this one reminded me a bit of The Who or another sixties rock group except with screaming instead of singing, I liked this one too.
Peter mit Honig.
                After this is the longest song on the record which is 2 minutes 23 seconds which is still a very short song. This one goes and then stops and then starts again all different and is quite a fast song that sounds very modern to me. I thought it was very interesting how the song kept changing and that this was a very nice song to listen to.
                  The last song on this side of the record is 1 minute 15 seconds long and had a nice shouty bit that reminded me a bit of a nutter shouting in the street; this made me laugh.
                   The first song on side two of the record is just over two minutes long and it is another shouty one that is very rocking indeed and very noisy and I liked it a lot and then after that is a song that is just under 2 minutes which was a bit less rocking at the beginning and reminded me again of sixties bands from around 1968 or 1969 but after a bit it gets very noisy indeed.
                     When the last song on the record on the record started off it reminded me very much of the start of Honky Tonk Woman by The Rolling Stones - here is a video of The Stones doing that song in Hyde Park so you can see what I mean.
The rest of the song doesn't sound like Honky Tonk Woman though because it is another heavy rock song with shouting in it - it is a very good song though and I thought it was a very good song to end the record.
           Overall I would say that I think Honig are a very good band and very nice people and it was lovely to meet them and see them play, hopefully I will see them again sometime if they ever come to the gate again. I would give this record 10 out of 10.

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