Thursday, 28 November 2013

Das Weiße Pferd - Inland Empire.

Das Weiße Pferd - Inland Empire (Echokammer).
This time I am record reviewing a record from some friends of mine from Munich, Germany. I know Das Weiße Pferd because I reviewed their last record ages back when I first started my reviews so I am pleased to be doing another one and very happy that Pico from the band sent it to me - I have been listening to it at home and enjoying it very much and I am looking forward to reviewing it.
        Because Das Weiße Pferd are a German band they mostly sing in German so if you are English like me and can't speak German you can't understand the words but I don't think that matters because it's still good to listen to because it's good to hear different languages and music from different countries. I have listened to lots of different music from all over the world in my record reviews and I think it is a good thing to listen to different music from everywhere because then you can learn something about different countries and hear what different languages sound like. I do know a bit of German actually, I know; Nein, Guten Morgen and Auf Wiedersehen and a few other words so I am going to listen out for those words and see if I can learn any new words.
            The first song is not in German though because it is in Spanish, I think this is ok because I like to hear all different languages from everywhere. This song starts off quite quiet with soft singing but more instruments start coming in and it reminded me of folk music a bit played by lots of different people on lots of different instruments, I liked this one because it sounds very happy so I thought that was a good way to start the record.
            The next song is not in Spanish because it is in German and it Blaue Magie which we looked up and that means Blue Magic. I've never heard of blue magic before because i've only heard of black magic like voodoo and white magic which is magic that's good but it made me think of waves in the sea which are quite magical really. Here is a poem that I wrote because of this song;

Blue Magic.

Blue magic is the sea,
that's what it means to me,
Blue magic is very good
I have a cup of tea…

At the cafe on the beach.

That is me,
By the sea.

And then I got Seb, who works here at The Gate and is German to translate it to for me so the band could read it;

Blaue Magie.

Blaue Magie ist das Meer,
das ist, was es für mich bedeutet,
Blaue Magie ist sehr gut
Ich trinke eine Tasse Tee...

Im Café am Strand.

Das bin ich,
Am Meer.

This one sounds to me a bit like The Beatles I think but then at the end it goes a bit madder than The Beatles go, I liked this one too and thought it would be a nice one to dance to at a disco.
              After Blaue Magie there is a song called In which starts off with nice soft guitar but then Pico starts singing Hey Now, Hey Now, Hey Now and the song starts up and it is a very happy sounding song and I think this band are a happy sounding band in most of their songs really and that this is a good thing.
               Next up is a very calm song and this time it is sung in both English and German and it sounded to me like a relationship song and I thought it was very nice and after that was a song that sounded like Russian to me at first but then started to sound more like Middle Eastern music but then started to sound like Hare Krishna music and then the singing starts and this sounds like a choir singing and then there is Robot singing and then singing that sounds a bit devilish, there are lots of different things to listen to in this song and I especially liked a saxophone bit that is in it. This is a very good song indeed.
              The next song is a sadder sounding song than the others and I thought it sounded like the sort of song you would sing if your girlfriend or your wife had left you so maybe it is about that. It sounds like one of them sort of songs anyway but then it does get a bit happier sounding near the end so maybe the person in the song's girlfriend has come back - I like making up stories about music when I hear it and I think it is a good thing to do when you listen to music.
               After this is a song called Perdido which has a line in it which goes You are a Refrain and I think I have heard it before somewhere but I'm not sure where but maybe it is a sixties song because it sounds a bit like it could be.
                 The next song is a soft, happy sounding song that I think would be a good song for children. I think children would like it because of how happy it sounds and because some of the sounds in the background of the song sound like children's toys, I liked this one a lot.    
                 Die hitze im zimmer is next and this one sounded to me a bit like a drinking song and when I was listening to it I was imagining one of the beer halls that they have in Germany that I've seen picture of. I've never seen a real German beer hall though because I've never been to Germany but I would like to go one day. If I did go I would go to one of them halls and drink a big glass of beer and I would like to go to St. Paul's in Hamburg because I've heard it's like Soho in London and Soho is my favourite place. I would also like to go to Munich and meet Fedi and all the people in the band and my other German friends who have sent me records. I liked this song because it made me think of going to Germany and I think I might ask the staff in my house if I can go there next year for my holiday.
                  The next song is quite a rocky one that reminded me of David Bowie that I think would be good to dance to and after that is the last song which starts of as quite a slow, moody song that is but then it gets bigger and sounds a bit like a drinking song again, I enjoyed this one and thought it was a good way to end the record.
                  Overall i would say that this is a good record with lots of different things to listen to in it and I enjoyed listening to it very much and I would like to thank Fedi for sending it to me and for liking my reviews. I would give this record 10 out of 10.