Friday, 24 January 2014

Wintering - Wintering.

Wintering - Wintering (Self Released).
This time I am doing a CD that was given to me by Wintering when they came to play at my 70th birthday party the other week. It was a very nice party that I enjoyed very much and I would like to thank them and The Choo Choo Trains who played as well and everybody else who came; it was a very special day and I enjoyed it very much. Here are some pictures so you can see how good it was:

The Choo Choo Trains.

Thee Roll Mops.
            I liked that Wintering came to my party very much because my friend who used to work in my house but had to leave to go to Derby was in them and I enjoyed seeing him and his band play very much even though I had to go home early because I got a bit tired. I think it is nice to hear music that your friends have made because it makes it more special so I was very pleased that they came and played and that they gave me their CD.  Here is a  video that was taken of Wintering playing at the party, I thought it was very interesting and funny to see all my friends having a laugh with the band:

           The first song on the CD Wintering gave me is called Zvukovi and it starts off with a noise a bit like church bells on a warped record and there is bird noises and stuff too and then a slow guitar starts and carries on and there is singing in the background that sounds like a weird child singing - you can't really work out what the child is singing about but it sounds good and weird and spooky and I liked it a lot. I thought it was a nice way to start the CD.           
          The second song is a bit faster and a bit more like a normal song and is called Neptune and it starts off quite quiet with a noise like a snow blizzard and then the drums and the guitars start and it still sounds a bit a blizzard but also like a noisy rock song, it reminded me a bit of The Shadows if the shadows were playing in a big storm. There is proper singing in this one and not just the weird child singing but it I can't really make out what the singing is about because the singing is in the background and because it sounds like he is singing under his mouth. I liked this one a lot, it is a good rocky song and very enjoyable to listen to; I especially liked the ended because it goes all mad and reminds me of those bands in the sixties and seventies that used to smash up their microphones.
           After this song is a song called Greys which is a bit of a slow one with big drums and noisy guitars and somebody speaking over the top but I can't quite make out what they are talking about but it sounds they are telling a story of some sort. At one bit in the song somebody shouts out "Dracula" so maybe this is a story about vampires which would make sense because it does sound a bit like horror music. I liked this one too because I like Dracula and because I like noisy rock music. Here is a thing that I have written about Dracula after listening to this song:          


Dracula has risen from his grave,
He'll make you a nervous wreck,
He'll bite you on the neck,
Because he's a nasty vampire.

Wintering after they played at The Gate.
            Next up is a song called Sange which reminded me a bit of Sanjay who is a person that comes to the Gate but I think it probably isn't about him. Sange is a faster song than the others and you could dance to it at a disco I think but it is still rocky and noisy. I enjoyed this one very much and thought it was a very good way to end the CD off.
            Overall, I thought this was a very nice CD indeed and I think everybody would like it if they heard it (you can hear the songs off it here) I would like to thank Wintering (and the Choo Choo Trains) again for giving it to me and for coming to play at the party. I would give this CD 10 out of 10.

Song written by Peter's friends
at the Gate for his birthday.