Monday, 3 March 2014

Henry Blacker - Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings.

This time we are doing a heavy, fast rock and roll record by a band called Henry Blacker which I thought was a funny name for a band because it sounds like a person's name and not a band name at all because you don't get many bands named after people (well I don't know of any anyway) but I suppose you can call a band anything you like; If I had a band I would call it Heavy Metal Rock Band because it would be a heavy metal rock band and then people would know what sort of band it was, I would like to be in a heavy metal rock band because then I would be famous and I think it would be fun to make noisy music. Henry Blacker are kind of a heavy metal rock band too and they are very exciting sounding and I am looking forward to doing this record very much.
           One of the reasons that I am looking forward to reviewing this band is because two of them are in Hey Colossus which is a band I have reviewed a few times and really like a lot so I think it is interesting to hear another band from some of the members. Henry Blacker are a bit like Hey Colossus because they are noisy and loud but they are also not like them because Hey Colossus are quite a slow band but Henry Blacker are not really slow at all because all the songs are quite fast.
                    The first song is called Crab House and it starts off straight away with hard drumming and noisy guitars and a noise like an old hotel bell being banged. It is a very noisy song with shouty rock singing in it where you can't make out the words but that doesn't matter because it sounds really good. I thought this was a good rocking song and a very nice way to start the record.
                     The next song is called Pulling like a Dray and it is a little bit slower but is  still quite shouty and it gets very shouty by the end. This music reminds me a lot of rock from the 60's and 70's like The Who but it is much noisier and more rocking and a bit more rougher than they were with more growling in it instead of singing, I don't think that Henry Blacker are better than The Who though because The Who are very good indeed but they're probably about the same, they are just from the modern generation of rock bands and not the old one.
                     After this is a really noisy song called Your Birthday has Come and Gone and this one is a bit slower than the other two but it is probably bigger because of how noisy it is. The reason this one is so noisy is because of the very large guitars which are very large sounding indeed. It was my birthday recently and I was 70 and I had a very nice time because I had a big birthday party and some groups came to play and we had loads of food and music and it was all very nice. I liked this one because it seemed quite funky but still very shouty and noisy.
                    My Majesty is next so I was thinking it might be a song about the Queen, I quite like the Queen because she looks after us by giving us social security money. I don't really know if it's about the Queen because all the words are too shouty. This song is a fast, rocky, punky one that I liked a lot.
                     The first song on the other side of the record is probably the fastest and most rocky yet and is called Scumblood and this title made me think of violence and I suppose it sounds a bit like a violent song because of how fast and rocky it is. I think it's ok to have violent sounding songs though because it's not really true violence if nobody actually gets punched or anything.
Two thumbs up for Henry Blacker.
                     After this one is a slower one which starts off sounding a bit like a marching band marching and then there is a voice but it's not really screaming on this one because it's more deep sounding and slower. It's quite an interesting voice because it sounded to me like an animal would sing if animals did sing but I don't really know which type of animal it sounds like; maybe something a bit like a dog and a bit like a lizard. I liked this song, it was quite atmospheric and spooky and I like that.
                    There is another very fast and very noisy, very good one next and then after that there is the last song which is called Temple Controls and this one is a bit of a more slower one with big guitars and growly voices. I liked this one a lot and I thought it was a good one to finish the record off on.
                      Overall I think this is a very fantastic record that I really enjoyed listening to - I think anyone who likes noisy, fast, strange music would like it too. You can hear what they like by watching the video below. I would give this record 10 out of 10.