Thursday, 23 June 2011

Damenkapelle - Damenkapelle

Damenkapelle - Damenkapelle (Echokammer)
Damenkapelle are a very good group of eight girls from Munich, Germany.  The record has only been out for a few weeks. It starts off with a phone call and someone picks it up and speaks German, then the first song starts, it is in English and is about a temporary secretary; perhaps the group used to work in an office - I used to work in an office shredding paper - i think it is better for them to be in a group than working in an office because they are very good singers. The next song is called Pudel which is German for Poodle, I like the drumming on this and i like they way they sing, they are better than other girl groups like Girls Aloud. 
             The next few songs and all the other songs on the record are in English. Damenkapelle make fun music with lots of keyboards and sing about Motorbikes a bit like the Shangri-La's do in Leader of the Pack. I especially like the song Heaven and Hell because it reminds me of Marlene Dietrich, it has honky tonk piano in it like an american country song. I quite like country music especially Jim Reeves, Hank Laughlin and Dolly Parton.
             On side two of the record the first song is called Cheater but it sounds like they are singing "Al Pacino", it has good drum beat a bit like my friend Mary plays - Mary is a very good drummer and plays at the music improvisation sessions i go to; I like music improvisation very much and go there to sing. After this they sing about cobwebs everywhere and about spiders in the cobwebs, I don't really like spiders because they're frightening and i think this might be what the song is about. Next up is a song called Mistress Voice which is about somebody having a mistress - it has very good singing on it. After this there is a song called Butcher and I think they are singing about someone who is a killer and not about someone who works in a butchers shop selling meat. Then there is a song called Zombie Girl. Zombies are people who are dead but have come back to life and you can hear people screaming in the song because they can see the zombie. Last song is called fake leather and is a love song about motorbike jackets. Overall I like this band and record very much, it would be a good record to listen to at night with the light off to make yourself scared because it has a very scary sound and lots of songs about frightening things. I would give this record 10 on 10.

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