Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Nochexxx - Savage Herald / Charro

Nochexxx - Savage Herald / Charro (Ramp Recordings)
This is another electronica recording that was sent to me by Nochexxx himself to listen to. The music is from a twelve inch single with two songs on it that he has released but I am listening to it on the computer.
          Nochexxx is a musician from Cambridge who makes electronic music on synthesizers which is a bit like Actress's who I have reviewed before but Nochexxx's music seems to be a bit more Jazzy.
          The first track Savage Herald starts off with a heartbeat and reminds me of a machine in hospital when you are fighting for your life, there is also a keyboard there and then the drums come in and the music becomes very funky before a voice starts going "Woooo Wooooo" a bit like indians do when they are attacking cowboys in a western film. The song changes a lot with different keyboard bits and drumbeats coming in making it more interesting. I liked this song very much.
Thumbs up to Nochexxx.
          The other track Charro is a bit faster with drums which remind me of clapping and funny sounding keyboards which remind me of eighties music that I used to hear on the television, occasionally voices comes in like kids shouting "yeah!" at a birthday party. We have parties here at the Gate where our band plays and everyone dances, I think this song would go down well at one of our parties because it's a happy sounding song that I think everyone here would like.   
          Overall I thought Nochexxx's music was very good indeed and I am very happy that I was sent it to listen to and would like to thank Nochexxx very much, I am going to get it put on a CD so I can listen to it again. I would give this record 10 out of 10.

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  1. this has to be my favourite ever review, thanks!