Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dizzy Errol - Mother Lamp

Dizzy Errol - Mother Lamp (Echokammer)
This time I am reviewing Dizzy Errol's CD Mother lamp. Dizzy Errol AKA Erol Dizdar was born on a boat near Melbourne and was brought up by communists, and still lives, in Munich, Germany where he is a cultural phenomenon. He has been in lots of bands like Kamerakino and The Flynns but now he does music on his own.
          The first song on the CD is called Pride and is a very loud punky song with very loud fast bass playing and vocals which sound a bit spooky and dark and then turn to shouting. You can see a video of this song below it is a good video because he chucks himself off the stage and rolls around.
           After Pride is a song called All Around which has very good music which sounds a bit like The Cure or somebody whose name I can't quite remember from the early eighties. After this is a song called Not Like This which is funny because the voices in it sound like cartoon characters. In the song they talk about needing a cigarette - I like smoking cigarettes very much and smoke over twenty Benson and Hedges every day, other than record reviewing smoking cigarettes is my favourite thing to do and I don't really care that it's a bad habit. 
           The next song is called Fate and has acoustic guitar on it which reminds me a bit of John Lennon's War is Over, I think his voice sounds a bit like Lennon's too so I think Dizzy Errol must be a John Lennon/Beatles fan like me. After this is a song which sounds a bit like a child's skipping song so is a bit peculiar, I like it though because it is very catchy and fun.
           The Ballad of Mr. Grey is next and starts of with an electric guitar and no other instruments and sounds a bit like something from the past like folk music. This is sad song about a man drinking gin and walking around the streets on a dark, gloomy night. I've walked the streets of London on dark, gloomy nights myself when I used to live on my own independantly - I used to walk around the West End when the streets were empty in the night and I liked walking the round in the dark like that but I don't think the guy in the song does because he sounds a bit unhappy.
             Next up is a song called Motherbirds which I think sounds similar to Syd Barrett. I hadn't heard of Syd Barrett before today but we listened to some of his songs because Arlo at the Gate who helps me with these reviews thought they sounded similar and I agree. Syd used be in Pink Floyd but I only know The Wall so Arlo says I should listen to Piper at The Gates of Dawn which has Syd on it, maybe I will review it one day.
             Big Screen Affair is after Motherbirds and starts of just instrumentally for a while before the singing starts with Errol singing about machines and love, it is a sad sounding song but i still like it and it's ok to be sad sometimes.
             Construction Site is the next song and it starts off with noises from a building site like drills and hammers, this is quite a noisy song with shouted vocals about working on construction sites. I've never worked on in construction but I have worked as a messenger boy in a stockbrokers and as a kitchen porter in St. James Hotel, Park Lane, I don't work any more because I am retired and I like being retired because life is nice and easy if you don't have work.
             Last song is Disco Doll and is like a disco song from the seventies or The Pet Shop Boys but with a girl singer, it is a nice, upbeat song with a surprise bit at the end which is like a separate song with Errol playing guitar and singing for about ten seconds, this was a good way to end the record.
             Overall I liked this record, it was very good and I will listen to it again. I would give it 10 out of 10.

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