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Matt Finucane - This Mucky Age

Matt Finucane - This Mucky Age (Light Grade)
This time I am reviewing This Mucky Age, an album by Matt Finucane who sent me a copy of his CD to review after he read my review of Ersatz GB by The Fall - I think it's very nice of people to send me things and I appreciate it very much.
        Matt is a singer from Brighton which is a very nice place that I have visited quite a bit and is where one of my favourite films Brighton Rock was filmed. Brighton Rock is a great film about gangsters  from 1947 which stars Richard Attenborough. I first watched this film on television with my mother and father and this would have been some time before 1968 because that was when I moved into Leavesden Hospital. I've always liked this film and play it (and the modern one too) very often. My favourite thing to do in Brighton is to go to a cheap fish and chip shop on the sea front that I forget the name of and then to go to the pier - It's good on the pier because there are loads of rides to go on and a nice pub. It's been a while since I've been to Brighton but I wouldn't mind going again, I think Matt is very lucky to live there and I wish I could live by the sea.
Matt Finucane in his
jeans and black shirt.
               I am reviewing this CD back at the Gate because I am feeling much better now and am walking alright though the doctor told me I can only be on my feet for ten minutes at a time so I still need to use the wheelchair to get places. It's good to be back at the Gate doing things again and seeing all my friends. First song on Matt's CD then is Harder To Care and this is a song played on acoustic guitar with a tabourine backing. I think this song is about a women that Matt has got fed up with being with and so doesn't care about her anymore. Matt's singing voice sounds to me a bit like David Bowie or another one of those glam-rock singers from the early/mid-seventies. I used to like these kinds of singers because they did some very good songs and wore very flashy and quite silly clothes and make up and stuff which used to make me laugh - some people think that men shouldn't wear make-up but I think people should be able to look how they want even if they do look a bit silly. Matt Finucane doesn't look silly though; I've seen some photos on the internet and he was just wearing a normal pair of jeans and a black shirt and looked just like an ordinary bloke.
             Hands Up is next and is a keyboard and electric guitar song a bit like the songs you used to hear on the radio in the eighties. It is a fast song about putting your Hands Up and in it he talks about lots of things like erotica (I think), locks of a woman's hair, trophy shack. He also says "You're just another animal" and i'm not sure what this means but i think it might mean that we come from animals originally so we are still like them a bit especially the apes because man comes from the apes. It is a very good song that i liked very much.
             Next up is Grimm which starts off with a noise like the whistling wind before an acoustic guitar starts and Matt starts singing. I think it is called Grimm because the song is a bit like a fairy tale so it is probably named after the Brothers Grimm. The Brothers Grimm were German brothers from the 1800's who were world famous for telling fairy tales like Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel. The song is like a fairy tale because it talks about going to the trees and being haunted by somebody, I liked this song very much.
              After this is a song called Wet Dream Disaster which is a funny thing to call a song because wet dreams are dreams about sex. I think this is probably the first time I have ever heard a song about wet dreams and I think this is because usually people are embarrassed about them. I reckon it's alright to sing about them though. I liked this song a lot a lot especially where Matt sings "Show me your sex face" over and over, which is a peculiar thing to sing and so made me laugh.
              Degenerate Son is the name of the next song and it begins with a noise like a extra-terrestrial spaceship flying about and then the guitar starts and Matt starts singing. This is a very good, fast song about a son who asks too many questions and is a bit of a bad lad. I think it's alright really for young lads to be a bit degenerate and if I had a son I'd let him do as he liked as long as he didn't get in too much trouble - If he did get in trouble I'd go to court to see him and I would still love him even if he'd done something really horrible because he would be my son, I don't have a son though.
             The next song is called Undertow, it's a slow song played on ordinary (not electric) guitar with lots of strange keyboard and percussion noises in the background and after this is a song called Clumsy about being clumsy. I suppose i'm a bit clumsy especially with my hands because I was born with hands which don't work too well so I drop stuff quite a lot - I never let this bother me though, it's just the way I am and I get by anyway, I liked this song a lot.
           Brown Envelope Man is the next one and it talks about how Matt is being followed by a brown envelope man - I'm not too sure what a brown envelope man but whenever I get a letter in a brown envelope it's usually about my pension or from social services so maybe it's a song about them but I don't really know. The music on this is very good and sounds like a whole band but there are only two people playing on this CD so it is very impressive that there are so many instruments on it. The other musician on the CD, other than Matt, is called Marco Nardini but I don't know anything else about him.
          The next song sounds a bit like a disco song from the eighties because it has keyboards and electronic drums on it, It is a good song and interesting to listen to and after this is a song called Race the Skyline which is another song that sounds like a whole band is playing but a different band from the last one because the instruments are different. I think one of the best things about this CD is there are lots of different songs with different styles of music and instruments - I think Matt must be very talented to be able to play so many instruments; I can't even play a single instrument but I can sing quite well and somebody wrote on another website that I was "The best journalist in the country" so I guess i must be pretty talented too.
            The last song on this CD is called The Trouble with Vampires which reminded me of a song about vampires that Clare, one of my friends from the Gate, did at one of our charity concerts. Here is the video of the song for you to watch:
Matt's vampire song is different from Clare's though because Clare sings about how cool vampires are but Matt thinks vampires are boring but they are probably singing about different kinds of vampires. I think vampires are ok really and I wouldn't mind being one or at least trying it out for a bit and see how it goes. The song is good if a bit strange and I think it is a very good way to end the record.
              Overall i thought this CD was excellent from a very good singer and I was very grateful to get it to review. I would give this CD 10 out of 10.

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