Thursday, 22 March 2012

Shit & Shine - Jream Baby Jream

Shit & Shine - Jream Baby Jream (Riot Season)
This time I am record reviewing the new Shit and Shine record from the Riot Season record label  - I have reviewed a Riot Season record before when I reviewed Hey Colossus which I enjoyed very much and I am very pleased to be reviewing this record because it is not even out yet and I get to hear it before anyone else.  Shit & Shine are an extremely noisy and extremely different rock group led by Texan Craig Clouse and in the videos that i've seen on Youtube they were dressed up as rabbits with loads of drummers and guitars and look like they put on a very good, very noisy show; I hope one day that I get to see them myself because they look like a lot of fun.
            This record then starts off with a short introduction of some robots talking before the first proper song Dinner With My Girlfriend starts. This song reminded me of the 1812 Overture because it sounds like music made with cannons and guns instead of drums but it is even noisier than the 1812 Overture and sounds a bit like a war fought in the future because it has robot voices in it and loads of air raid sirens. It is a very noisy song but it's very nice to listen to and I liked it very much.
            Next up is a song called Mermuda Triangle which starts of with a noise like wild animals chattering in the jungle and drumming like African tom toms then there are lots of other noises like a person breathing really loud and maybe some monkeys and someone welding something - it is a bit of a strange one that is quite hard to describe but it is very good.
          After Mermuda Triangle is Jream Baby Jream which starts off with a drumbeat a bit like the drumbeat that begins Apache by The Shadows but the rest of the song is not like Apache at all. This one is not as loud as the others and sounds a bit like a slow blues song. It is a very soft song and has vocals which sound like someone who can't sing very well making it up as they go along - I think the singer might have been a bit pissed when he recorded it and I think this is a good thing.
Pete testing his Rodeo Girls theory.
           Next song is Woodpecker which is another very noisy song with very big drums in it and guitars that sound like road drills and screaming like somebody getting murdered. In the middle the song goes softer and there is speaking that you can't make out properly but then it all kicks off again and it all gets a bit weird; Shit & Shine must be very strange people but it's good to be strange and not normal all the time.
           Rodeo Girls is next and is another very noisy electric guitar and drum track which made me think of a big group of elephants stampeding and going wild and making noise with their trunks. There are lots of other odd noises in this one and I reckon this is one you have to turn up really loud and let it get in head till your ears and head go all funny.
           The last track on this album is called Youth Led Worship and this is another quieter track which is quite relaxing compared to some of the other stuff on this record. I think it's good that the record ends on a softer tune because it gives you a chance to calm down after all the noise.
           Overall I would say that this was a brilliant record that I really enjoyed listening to and I think if people listened to it they would think this too. I would give this record 10 out of 10.


  1. Hey dude, nice reviews, you got an honesty I respect. Keep rolling. I also dabble in music review, savour -

    Love on y'all.

  2. Thank you very much for saying that, It is a very nice compliment. Yours Sincerely, Peter James Kemp.