Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Excessive Visage - HFBK Sessions

This time I am reviewing a CD from a band from Berlin and Dresden in Germany called Excessive Visage. Excessive visage sounds a bit like a heavy metal band name but Excessive Visage are not a heavy metal band because they play very nice rock reggae music and have a woman singer with a soft voice. Excessive Visage sent me the CD because they had read my reviews and asked if I would do a review for them which I am very pleased about. 
             The first song of the four on this CD is called Canis Minor and this has nothing to do with cannabis because I looked it up and it means "Little Dog" and it is the name of a constellation of stars so this a song about the stars and not a song about drugs. The song starts off with guitar that reminds me of the theme tune for the film The Frightened City which I saw in 1961 at the cinema. We looked for the theme tune for this film so we could put it here but all we found was the full film so here it is:
          After the guitar which sounds a bit like the guitar in this film the singing starts - the singer is called Larrisa Blau and has a lovely voice which I think sounds a bit like Amy Winehouse's voice. I liked this song a lot especially the bit where all the instruments go a bit wild then goes back to normal; there is lots to listen to in this song because it changes a lot.
          The next song is called Ohne Bibel which means without bible in German (we asked Seb who worked here what it meant because Seb is a German). Ohne Bibel is different from the last song because it sounds more like a punk rock song where Canis Minor was mostly a softer type of song. It is a very good song which doesn't really sound like music i've heard before and I liked it a lot.
          The song after this is called Surface Distortion and it starts off with drums and an electric guitar solo that I liked a lot because it reminded me of sixties guitar groups like The Who who I like a lot. After the guitar solo the singer starts to sing about kissing dead remains and how people are poor - I think it might be an angry song about things being bad in the world. I think there are lots of bad things in the world like crime and people with no place to go who have to beg for money and I wish things were better and that all people were happy in life but unfortunately that's not the way it is so I think we should all help people. I liked this song because it made think of important things.
             The last song on this CD is an instrumental so it doesn't have any words. Instead of words there is lots of very well played electric guitar which I liked a lot and I thought it was a nice way of finishing the CD off.
              Overall I would say that this was a very good CD from a very good, very interesting band and I liked it very much. I would give this record 10 out of 10.

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