Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Tribute to Andy Williams.

This time I am not reviewing a record because instead I am doing a tribute to Andy Williams who passed away yesterday of cancer aged 84. We learnt that he had died today when we saw it in the paper during Behind the Headlines which is a newspaper group we do here at the Gate and I thought it was a terrible tragedy that he had died because it's a shame to lose such a nice character and good singer.
         I first heard of Andy Williams at my Auntie Maud's Christmas parties in Rainham in Essex where she would always play the song Butterfly (which you can see a video of at the bottom of this tribute) because it was one of her favourite songs - I always used to enjoy my Aunt Maud parties because all my relations were there and we would sit round and drink (I was only allowed a shandy though because I would only have been young), listen to music on the radiogram and eat ham and pickle sandwiches. This song reminds me of those parties so I have always liked it and his other songs too like; Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, Moon River and Music To Watch Girls By.
          So, Goodbye Andy from me Peter and Arlo (who helps me with these reviews) and all us here at the Gate and thank you for all the hits you made, I think you were a great man and I will miss you.


  1. Lovely tribute mate, I don't know much about Andy Williams if I'm honest but this evocative piece makes me want to explore his work! Only came across this page a day or two ago, really enjoying all your reviews, particularly of your dub/dubstep stuff like Mala and Mungo's Hi-Fi.

    1. Hi Fred. Thank you from the comment. I am very glad that you like my reviews.

      Yours Sincerely, Peter.