Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Joane Skyler - Orz.

Joane Skyler - Orz (Reckno)
This time i'm not reviewing a record because I am doing a tape called Orz instead by Joane Skyler who looks like a very nice lady from the cover. I've not seen a tape for sale in a long time and thought they was a bit old fashioned and that no one used them any more but I think it's alright for people to make tapes even if they are old fashioned because it gives people something to play in their tape recorders. I have a tape recorder at home with some old tapes I still listen to like my Nancy Sinatra tape which I like a lot and a tape somebody made me once with all sorts of different kinds of old music on it.
      The music on this tape though isn't old music because Joane Skyler is a brand new artist who has never released anything before.
       Side A of the tape starts off with a noise like an electronic organ and the sound of a heartbeat and then there are electronic drums which sound a bit like foreign bongo drumming and lots of other little electronic noises all mixed up together - it's not messy music though because it is very soft and quite relaxing and very enjoyable and nice and quiet which is a bit of a change for me with my reviewing because recently I have been listening to a lot of noisy music. The music changes after a bit and i'm not sure if that's because it's another song or not because it's hard to tell where the songs end but I think it might be. When the music changes it gets even softer and there are no drums for a bit just a long noise that reminded me of the wind blowing in a tunnel and then there are lots of different electronic noises and drums which keep disappearing and coming back - it is quite strange stuff that changes all the time and this makes it very interesting to listen to.
            After a bit everything totally changes and there is the sound of an old music box which plays till  the drums come in and this time they get a bit more faster like you would hear in a danceclub; I liked this bit a lot, it was very funky and I think it would be good to dance to but I don't really go out dancing, I never really did go out dancing and I think I'm a bit too old to start now because I'm 69. After this funky bit things get all slow and it sounds a bit like the tape's gone funny but it's supposed to sound like that, there is also a rapper guy on this bit but you can't really make out what he's saying much. To finish this side tape off there is then a twinkly tune that also sounds a bit like a music box, I thought this bit sounded very nice and was a good way to finish the side of the tape with. You can hear the whole side of the tape here:

                    Side B of the tape starts off with another funky dance tune and then after that things get a bit weird and there are lots of strange noises like a cat squealing and bubbling and then some drums and this turns into a soft tune that doesn't last too long before changing again and getting even softer and then it gets all funky again; one of the things that I like about this tape is it changes a lot and you don't know what's coming. Near the middle of this side of the tape is a bit I really liked where everything seems a bit broken but then there is a sound like an electronic violin and everything sounds okay again. This bit carries on till the end and I thought it was very nice to listen to because it reminded me somehow of being out in the country and walking through nice fields, I don't really know why it made me think of that, it just did and I liked it. You can listen to this side of the tape here:

          Overall I would say this was a very good tape that I liked a lot because there was a lot of strange different things to listen to and I think other people would like it too. I thought it was a very good first recording from this new artist and I'd like to wish Joane every success in the future. You can buy this tape by clicking the link at the top of this review and hear some other music from Joane here. I would give this tape 10 out of 10.

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