Thursday, 9 May 2013

Justice & Metro - Rokitg / Dope Boy

Justice & Metro - Rokitg / Dope Boy (Modern Urban Jazz)
This time I am record reviewing a 10" single that I was sent by Tony from Modern Urban Jazz of  songs from Justice & Metro's new CD Oxymoron. I would  thank him very much for sending it and for sending the other CDs that he sent too because I was only expecting the record and it was a nice surprise to get them. Modern Urban Jazz is a record label that makes records and CDs of very good electronic music that is very fast and exciting and I have enjoyed listening to it because I've not really heard music like this before. I also thought it was interesting that this record is ten inches because I've never seen a 10" record before.
Ordinary blokes Justice & Metro.
            I have not heard of Justice & Metro before so I read the information that they sent me with the CDs but all it said was that they are the Batman and Robin of deep Drum & Bass and nothing else. I suppose Justice and Metro do sound like superhero names but they don't look too much like superheroes in their picture they just look like ordinary blokes but I think it's ok to be an ordinary bloke and maybe ordinary blokes can be superheroes if they want to be.
            The first song on the record is called Rokitg and it starts off with fast electronic drums and a sound in the background that made me think a bit of aliens from outer space landing on earth, there is a noise which sounds a bit like growling which I thought could be the aliens voices. After a bit more sounds come up and it gets quite funky and I think it would a good song to play in a disco but I don't think I'd be able to dance as fast it is but I'd have a go. I liked this song very much especially a sound of a drum or something I heard in there which reminded me a bit of a blacksmith's hammer banging in a horseshoe and a sound a bit like a bird, maybe something like a cuckoo first thing in the morning - there are lots of strange sounds in this song that I have never heard before in music.
             The next song on the record is called Dope Boy so I suppose it must be about drugs because dope is another word for drugs. I've never taken drugs except for ones that the doctor gives me. The drugs I get off the doctor make me feel a bit funny in the head first thing in the morning when I take them and I think that might be a bit like what it's like when you take other drugs but I'm not too sure of that - one day I'd like to try some drugs out just to see what they're like but I don't because I might get in trouble and I'm happy enough as I am, I might take some if I found them or something though just to see what they're like. The song starts of with a woman singing Dope Boy over and over with some quiet drums in the background and then a noise that sounds like waves comes in the background so I thought it sounded a bit like music at another disco but this time on a beach because of the waves noise. I think this would be good disco music for people to dance to and have a good time on their drugs because I've heard some people like to do that - What I've heard happens is that people go to parties and someone, maybe the woman in the song, is a drug pusher and they ask people if they want any drugs and then people take them and dance. I think it's ok to take drugs even if they can kill you sometimes because it's up to the person themselves and if you do die you just die and that's a shame but if you know the risks and decide to take them then that's your business.
            And that's the end of the record because there are only two songs on it but I think they are very good songs indeed and I think everyone reading this should buy this record because I think they would like it as much as I did. I would give this record 10 out of 10.

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