Monday, 2 September 2013

Tradesman & Parly B - Dubplate Fashion.

Tradesman & Parly B - Dubplate Fashion (Reggae Roast).
An advert for one of Reggae Roast's shows.
This time we are doing some funky reggae music which was sent to me by Reggae Roast so that I could listen to it. Reggae Roast are from London and they are a group who do reggae shows like the one in the picture but they also do reggae records too like this one that I am going to review. I am very happy to to be reviewing this record because I like reggae music very much because it is very happy sounding music that is very good to listen to.
          The record is a very interesting one because it is a version of the music that Gregory Isaacs sang on for his song Rumours from 1988. I listened to some more Gregory Isaacs like Night Nurse and a song I really liked called Tribal War to do this review. I listened to the Rumours song too and I thought it was very relaxing and I think that this is because he has quite a calm lovely voice. Gregory Isaacs didn't write the music for this song though because he is just the singer singing over music made by a man called Augustus Clarke, I know this because to do this review we looked up about the Rumours music so we could learn all about it. It wasn't just Gregory Isaacs who sang on this music because lots of people sang their songs on this music because that is what they do in reggae. Here is lots of different versions of the original music with Gregory Isaacs and lots of other different people singing on it, I enjoyed listening to all these different songs:

            The record I am reviewing here is another, moderner, version of this tune and it is done by someone called Tradesman who is a reggae musician from Leeds and I thought this was interesting because he is not in Jamaica and this shows how reggae is not just a Jamaican thing now and is all over the world and I think this is because it is very good music that anyone can like if they want to.
            The first song on the record is this music then with somebody called Parly B singing over the top of it. I like reggae singing because it doesn't sound like English singing because it is a Jamaican type of singing where sometimes you can't understand what they are saying but I don't think this matters because it sounds good on the music. On this song I can't make out what he is saying at all but like I say this doesn't matter to me because I like how it sounds because it is a very funky way of singing and maybe I could ask one of the Jamaican guys who comes to the Gate to explain it to me - we have a few Jamaican people who come to the Gate because it is in Shepherds Bush and there are a lot of Jamaicans here. I enjoyed listening to this song very much and think it would be a good song both to relax to at home and to put on at a party for dancing because it is quite relaxing but I think you could dance to it too.
Thumbs up to Reggae Roast.
               After this one with the singing on it is another version called a dub version. We learnt all about dub in our music appreciation sessions here at The Gate and what it is is when you get a tune and put echoes and things in and put noises on top; in this one there was a sound like water bumbling and a noise like the noise electricity makes when there is a lot of it and I think it is very interesting how they do this because it changes how it sounds and it is very nice to listen to indeed. In this one there isn't much voice on it and what there is is changed too so it sounds a bit like they are underwater and I liked this because I thought it was a bit funny.
               After this one is Riddem version which is just what reggae people call their songs when they have no singing on, having instrumental versions on records is a good idea because they are interesting things to listen to and you can sing on them yourself if you want.
               The next song on this record is a remix version by somebody called Adam Prescott which starts off with whistling like you would hear in a Clint Eastwood western film like The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. It is a nice remix which sounds like the other version but a bit different and I liked it especially because of the whistling in it because I was reminded of western films and I like western films; my favourite is Chisum because John Wayne plays a very good part in it.
               The last song is a dub version of the remix and this is a very nice calm version with nice keyboard bits in it that I liked a lot and it also has the whistling in it too but it doesn't have the singing on it.
               Overall I thought this was a very interesting record and I liked hearing all the different versions of the same song because it is interesting to me that you can do so many things with just one tune. I would give this record 10 out of 10. 

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