Monday, 2 July 2012

Common Deflection Problems - We All Play Synth

Common Deflection Problems - We All Play Synth (Human Feather)
This time i am reviewing We All Play Synth by Common Deflection Problems. The record is interesting because it only has music on one side and on the other side there is no music but there is a picture instead. The record only costs 11 euros which is not much because it is about 11 pounds and that's about the same price as one and a half packets of cigarettes - I am not listening to the record though because I am listening to the music on the internet. I was asked to review the record by Human Feather who are a DIY record label in Barcelona - A DIY label is a record label that does everything themselves which I think is very clever thing for them to do because it must be hard work to run a record label.
               Common Deflection Problems are a guitar band from Italy who make noisy rock and roll music a bit like jazzy heavy metal (I thought it was funny that they call this record We All Play Synth because I can't hear any synthesisers on the record but maybe they play them at home). The music is strange for guitar music because it doesn't have much singing in it, they are a very good band though and I enjoyed listening to them very much even though there isn't much singing.
Molok the God
               The first song on the record is called The Cult of Molok, I didn't know what Molok was so we looked it up and it turns out Molok is a God that people used to worship in the past before they believed in Jesus. I think it's okay that people worshipped Molok because there were all different kinds of religion back then before Christianity - Maybe Common Deflection Problems are modern Molok worshippers and that is why they have done a song about him, maybe this song is worship music to Molok. The song is a noisy fast tune that moves about a lot and I think it would be good to listen to late at night at a party or something.
              The next song is called Steve which is a funny name for a song. I know a guy called Steve who used to be a handyman in the house I lived in and who I was in a play with once where I played Tony Blair and Steve was a King. Steve is a very nice guy who I like a lot but I don't see him too much now because he got sick and couldn't work any more which is a great shame. This song starts a bit slower than the last one but is still very noisy and it gets noisier and faster till it is very fast and very noisy by the end, I liked this one a lot.
             The next song is also a fast noisy guitar tune called Hugo in the Continent which is a bit more tuneful and normal sounding than the songs so far and then after this is a song called Urania which is not so tuneful and I thought sounded a bit like Captain Beefheart music only noisier - we listened to Captain Beefheart at the Gate a while back because he had died so we had a day when we listened to his music all day long and I liked it a lot because it is very weird music. 

            Lot of Fun Down the Vatican is the next song which is another strange song title - I'm not really sure what you could do that would be fun in the Vatican but I suppose there must be something. This is another fast, noisy guitar tune and I like this one too.
            Next song after that is called Kasbah and it is different from the other songs because it has vocals in it, the vocals are very shouty and I don't think they are using real words and are just making it up, the music in this one goes quiet, then loud and then quiet again and it changes a lot and I thought it was a very good song to end the record on.
            Overall I would say that I liked this record a lot and I think if you like Captain Beefheart or other good guitar music like Jimi Hendrix or Heavy Metal then you would like this record too. I would give this music 10 out of 10.

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