Monday, 9 July 2012

Fracture Feat. Dawn Day Night - Get Busy

Fracture Feat. Dawn Day Night - Get Busy (Exit Records)
This time I am record reviewing a 12 inch single by Fracture Feat. Dawn Day Night. Fracture is a man called Charlie Fieber who has been making a sort of very fast electronic music called Drum and Bass since the 90's with his friend who is called Neptune. Neptune is not on this record though because instead Fracture has made the record with Dawn Day Night who is a zombie singer with funny metal teeth and a face made of bones - I don't think that zombies really exist though because a zombie is a person who has come back to life and I don't think that really happens except for in horror films so I think Dawn Day Night is just a guy dressing up.
           The music on these records is fast music like drum and bass is fast music but it a bit different from drum and bass because fracture has changed it a bit to sound like juke music. Juke music is a strange type of music they play in Chicago to do a funny dance to called footwork. We watched some videos of footwork dancing and I thought it was very good indeed and a bit like how Michael Jackson dances but weirder - I wish I could do footwork but I probably couldn't because I'm not very quick on my feet because I'm 68. Here is a video you can learn about juke music and footwork and watch some of the footwork dancers and see how fast they can dance, it is a very impressive video and very interesting:
           The A-side of the fracture record is called Get Busy and starts off with Dawn Day Night singing get busy over and over. The music starts slow with just small drums and a noise like a ship's funnel but then the drums get very fast and hard and there is more of the ship's funnel noises. This is a very good song and I liked listening to it. I also liked watching the video where there is a bar called Jack's Place full of zombies dancing and drinking with some women that I think might be call girls because they are wearing leather, you can watch this video here:
            The next song on the B-side of the record is called Get Down to the Funky Beat and it is the same style as the A-side but also different because here the drums sound a bit like a woodpecker and instead of the ship's funnel noise there is a noise like frogs gulping so it all reminds me a bit of a wild forest. I liked this one too.
             Overall I would say this was a very good record to listen to and I really enjoyed watching the footwork videos and learning all about the new dance craze in Chicago. I would give this record 10 out of 10.

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  1. Hello Peter, It's very nice to meet you mate! I'm a big fan of video drama. Seb told me about your website. I love music too! I'll be following your record reviews. I had to post this anonymously because I don't have a blogger account. Please add me as a friend on Google+ if you have an account. Your friend Jeremy