Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cutthroat Convention - Gunfight@The Gates

This time we are reviewing a very good CD from a 3-piece strange electronic rock band from London called Cutthroat Convention who got in touch with me after reading my reviews and asked me to review their latest release which they sent me in a lovely handmade envolope which they had printed pictures of scissors on. I like it very much when people get in touch and send me new music to review because I like to listen to different kinds of music and I get sent all sorts of stuff that I might not of heard otherwise.
The homemade envolope
with scissors on it.
           The cd is called Gunfight@The Gates and this is interesting to me because the arts centre where I do these reviews is called the Gate - we've never had any gunfights here though because we are different kinds of people than people who have guns; I wouldn't mind carrying a gun round but I wouldn't use on people unless they tried to threaten me, this doesn't happen to me though so I don't suppose I really need a gun.
            The music on the CD is kind of like punk rock but with synthesisers instead of guitars and I thought this was a very good idea and I liked listening to it very much. It is also very strange music and I thought this was good about it too because it mad me laugh.
             The first song on the CD is called G and it starts off with a noise like a door buzzer and then someone shouts out "This is madness." and then it all starts up and it is a bit mad so the person who shouted that was right. The reason that it sounds a bit mad is because there is lots going on in the song and it doesn't stay the same and it is very fast and there is lots of shouting and when I think of the band making this music  I imagine them jumping about and throwing their instruments around - I don't know if they really do this but it would be good if they did. I liked this first song a lot.
              The next song after this is called Ec=Mc Cow which made me think of a lion in a car crash, it is strange music that sounds a bit like 80's disco and a bit like crazy heavy metal  - this is only a short song and then the next one is called E in Disgust but I didn't think it was that disgusting and that it was probably a nicer tune and more tuneful than the others have been up to now but I still thought it was a bit strange - good strange though and I liked this one a lot.
              B Rip is the next song and this one is the most heavy metal sounding so far and reminded me a bit of Black Sabbath who I like a lot especially Paranoid which you can see in a video below. I liked B Rip a lot but I thought it could be a bit longer because it was only a minute and a half.
              Eb/flo/hate is after B Rip and this one is very mad indeed with backwards bits and noisy keyboards and screaming and fairground noises, it is a very noisy song but I liked it a lot because it was good fun.
               ABCDivorce is next so I suppose it is about divorce, maybe it is about a man going to the ABC cinema in Shepherds Bush (which isn't there anymore) after his divorce. If I got divorced I would probably walk around the streets being a bit sad for a bit but I would probably get over it. This is a bit slower than the other songs and also longer and a bit calmer but it is still a bit mad and strange - the strangest bit is the singing because it sounds in some parts like a robot singing.
                After ABCDivorce is DBase no pzlaens which I think are made up words but I could be wrong and maybe it's a foreign language but I don't think it matters because I think Cutthroat Convention can call their songs whatever they want even if they do make up words. This song is another quieter one and the singer on it sounds like he has just got up and is still a bit groggy, the music on this is very strange indeed and I couldn't really make out what the instruments were.
                Next is DC/Superunconducter and this one is quite noisy and very strange and then after that is Haol which sounds like a riot after a football match where they are all shouting in the street and banging stuff, this is a short one two. I liked both these songs.
                CC is after those and this one sounds a bit like a BBC newsreader from the BBC studios, which are also in Shepherds Bush, reading the news in the middle of some roadworks where people are drilling the road so you can't hear him properly, it is quite a funny song and I liked it a lot.
                  The last song on this CD is Ba dishonored and this one is very noisy indeed and songs like a violent computer game with lots of shouting and noise in it. I've never really played computer games because I can't work them but I used to watch my cousin Keith play them in the arcades and used to enjoy watching him. I liked this one a lot because it was so noisy and mad and I thought it was a good way to end the record.
                  Overall I would say that I liked this band a lot because they are funny and mad and noisy and I think if I ever went to see them in concert it could drive me a bit mad but I think it's ok to be a bit mad because you get over it. I am glad that they got in touch with me because I wouldn't have heard of them otherwise - I would give this CD 10 out of 10.

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