Friday, 16 November 2012

Mindspan - The Second Cycle.

Mindspan - The Second Cycle (Silent Season)
And now we are doing a CD from a Canadian label Called Silent Season. The CD is by a guy called Mindspan and is called The Second Cycle, it is called The Second Cycle because it is the second CD that Mindspan has released though he has also made lots of other records and CDs where he calls himself ASC.
           Mindspan makes quiet, slow, relaxing electronic music that is very interesting to listen to and I think it would be very nice to hear when you are in bed so that you could fall asleep while you were listening to it, it would probably make you have interesting dreams if you did this.
           The first song is called Dying Embers and it starts off softy with a soft drum beat that sounds like a heart beat and other spooky sounds at the back of that which made me think of being stuck in a sandstorm in the middle of the desert. I liked this one a lot as I have never heard music this slow before and I always like hearing new things, I thought this was a great way to start the CD.
           The next song after this is called Exothermic and I didn't know what this meant so we looked it up and it said something about energy and heat and light but I didn't really understand this either. At the start of the tune I thought this song sounded like a street parade in a rain shower because the drums reminded me a bit of a marching band and the noises in the background sound a bit like a rain shower. Later on in the song an organ comes in that sounds like a church organ and there are also noises that reminded me of scaffold pipes being banged. I thought this tune was very good too if a bit spooky but I think it's ok to have spooky music.
           Awakening is next, so I suppose the tune might be about waking up in the morning and it does sound a bit like when you wake up in the morning and your head feels a bit fuzzy - I always feel a bit fuzzy in the morning until i've had a coffee and a cigarette but after that i'm usually alright for the day. The music on this one has more quiet drums which again sounds like a heart beat but maybe a stronger heartbeat than in Dying Embers. Over the top of this there are noises like electricity crackling and whooshing noises like the wind makes, it is a very interesting tune and it made me think of all sorts of different things.
           Cyan Relay is the song after this and this one starts with a sound like water crashing on the rocks at the sea shore, I think a lot of the CD sounds like big storms and so it also makes me think of the end of the world where everyone is dead and the world just stands still and all the houses and land have no people and all you hear is the weather. I think it would be a shame if all the people in the world were gone but that it might happen because we have too many wars and we don't look after the world very well because people can't be bothered.
           Conscience is a bit of a change because there is more drum sounds in it and these sound a bit tribal, there are also wooshing noises again which reminds me of the seas again - It is a very relaxing tune and I liked it a lot.
           The next song is called Propulsion and this one reminded me a bit of a factory or a building site because there are noises like metal machines working, It is a bit faster than the other tunes have been so far and I think this is a good thing because although I like the slower ones it's always nice to have a bit of a change.
            After Propulsion is another faster one which made me think of a night time train journey in a horror film and after that is a song called Snowflake which is not quite so fast and which did remind me of snow I suppose, but not just a snowflake more like a big snowstorm where ploughs have to come out or people wouldn't be able to go anywhere; I liked these two tunes very much.
             The next song is Subdued which means calm but I think there are calmer songs on this CD because it is another fairly fast one with lots of funny noises like a far away siren and
 banging wood and lots of other things all mashed up so it is hard to make out what they sound like but that's ok and I did like it.
               The last track is called Flotsom and it is another fast one but with a different beat so it sounds different and I think that overall this CD though it sounded all the same to me at first when I listened to it close I heard all different things but I had to listen really hard. I really liked listening though and I think other people should listen to it because it might be quite different from what they are used to and they would probably enjoy it. I would give this CD 10 out of 10.


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