Monday, 8 July 2013

Kelpe - Fourth: The Golden Eagle.

Kelpe - Fourth: The Golden Eagle (Drut Recordings)
Today I am reviewing a record of what I think sounds like electronic party music by a guy called Kelpe who sent me the record himself so I would like to thank him for sending me it. When we were first doing this record my friend Darren who also comes to the Gate heard it and said he would help with the review and I said he could because Darren is a rapper so he knows a lot about music. Darren said that this music that Kelpe does is like Instrumental Hip-Hop which is rap music without the rapping in it. I don't know know too much about Hip-Hop music so I am glad to be doing this review so I can hear something new.
           The first song is called Astrolomy and it starts off quite quiet with a noise that sounds a bit like when you do that thing with you finger and a wine glass to make it make noise and then there is an instrument that I thought sounded like a middle eastern guitar and then there are some very jazzy drums. This goes on for a bit and then there are all different instruments that I didn't know what they were but Darren said they were probably synthesisers. I thought this was a very funky song with lots of different things to listen to in it and I liked it very much and thought it was a good start to the record and that it would be a good song to play at a party to get people dancing.
Drawing by Clare Louise Miller.
           The next song is called Beaks of Eagles and it starts off quite slowly with a noise like angels singing and I thought it sounded a bit like the record was warped on this bit and so was playing a bit funny but the record isn't warped because it's supposed to sound like that which I thought was very interesting. This song is a bit more relaxing than the last one but would still be good for a party I think because it is still very funky. One bit I really liked on this was near the end where there is a sound like trumpets because this reminded me of angels as well so I think maybe that's what the song is about.
          The next song is my favourite so far because it reminded me of a the music for science fiction films in the Seventies, it is called Superzero Theme so maybe it's a song about a man with powers like Superman or Kiss Ass. If I was a superhero Darren said I could be called Smoke Man because i smoke a lot of cigarettes and I think that's a good idea and I think I'd quite like to be a superhero.
          After this is one that starts of all slow with a noise like water taps which made me think of music to play when you are in the bathroom but then it speeded up and got all funky and sounded more like music for a disco club again but I still think you could dance to it in your bathroom if you wanted to.
           Next is Nice Eyes in My Size which is slower than the others have been and all weird and a bit wonky - I liked this one a lot because of this because it sounded very different to songs i've heard before.
           The next song which is the first song on the second side is called Single Stripe and is quite weird too because it has an instrument in it which sounds very farty which I thought was funny. This isn't all there is in this song though because there is singing in it which made me think of angels again and overall it's a very lovely song really.
            Glinterlude is the next song and this one is a very fast one with noises in it like I imagine electricity would make if there was lots of it and after that is a song called puds which made me think of a spaceship in orbit with people floating round in it having a good time - I'd quite like to go up in a spaceship one day to see what it's like in space but I don't think that's likely to happen because I'm getting on a bit, it's a nice thing to think about though.
              After Puds is Outwhere which is another quite spacey one but slower this time maybe which made me think of science fiction stuff again like aliens and robots and spaceships and that. I liked this because I like science fiction especially old films like The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Day the Earth Caught Fire which are both excellent films that I enjoyed very much.
              The next song is the last song and is called Answered and it is quite a relaxed tune that I thought was very summery sounding and very good to be playing on a sunny day like today. I think the whole record is quite summery really because it's quite a fun record with nice songs to dance to or just listen to while you sit in the sun maybe on a beach or in a park. I liked this record very much indeed and if you would like to hear it you can do on the thing below. I would give this record 10 out of 10.

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