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Damenkapelle - Damenkapelle EP.

Damenkapelle - Damenkapelle EP (Damenkapelle).
This time I am record reviewing a record that was sent to me by my friend Anna who is a lady from Munich, Germany that I met when she came here to The Gate to do an episode of Video Drama. Video Drama is a group we do here where we make films about all different types of things, they are very good films and very funny and I enjoy my part as the narrator very much. You can see the episode with Anna in it below, it is a very funny one about the smoking ban. The reason Anna sent me this record is because it is a record of a band she is in and I was very pleased she sent it to me because I like her band very much - I have reviewed a record of theirs before and liked it a lot so I pleased to have this one and I hope I do a good job of reviewing it.

            Damenkapelle are a group of 8 girls who are all also from Munich and I think it's good to have a band that is only women because there are lots of bands with men in them so I nice to listen to something different sometimes. I think Damenkapelle are a very good band not just because they are girls though but also because there are lots of interesting things in their songs.
The Damenkapelle Girls
       The first song on this new Damenkapeele record is called boredom, so it must be about boredom - I don't really get bored because i've got plenty of entertainment; I listen to my records and CDs and play DVDs and I come to the Gate and do my things there and then at weekends I go out on a Saturday to Soho and on a Sunday I go to church and my favourite coffee shop on Shepherds Bush Green so I'm never really bored. I don't think I'd like it if i was bored though but I think it's okay for Damenkepelle to want to be bored, maybe it's because they are too busy or something and want a rest. I also think the song is about not wanting to work because that's what the singer sings (she is a good singer who sings well) so maybe it's about not having a job too, some people don't want to work and so they go on social security and are bored at home and I think that's okay really.
         The next song is called Panties and it starts of with a noisy guitar sound and then the girls start singing P-P-P-P-Panties from Hell which is a funny thing to sing I think and I wasn't too sure what it  meant so we asked some of the other people at The Gate and Labake said were bad knickers that didn't fit so were painful but you're not allowed to take them back to the shop because they are knickers, Mary said they probably couldn't talk which I didn't understand but Mary says funny things, Shivesh said it was just a song but might mean something like pants on fire. I think it probably means that it's something to do with the Devil. I think the Devil is alright but some people don't like him. The song is a good one to dance; it is a good rocky song that I liked a lot.
             After that on the other side of the record is a song called Sturmblut which we found out means bloodstorm in English which I thought sounded a bit like the name of a horror film and I quite liked it because of that because I quite like horror films. This one starts off with a noise like wind and then it does sound a bit like music from a horror film because it has an organ in it which sounds a bit spooky and the voices are too. It's quite a slow song but it goes a bit faster and a bit mad and there's a flute in it and stuff. I thought this was a very good song for halloween maybe.
             The next one is called Ha Ha and this starts off with organ too but it's not spooky sounding like the last one though because it's sounds a bit more like fairground music. I especially liked the chorus on this one because it had girls in the background singing ha ha ha ha and I thought this sounded very good. This is quite a slow song but not in a bad way, it's a very good song I thought and a nice way to end the record.
                Overall then I would say that this was a very good record to listen to because it is a fun record with lots of surprises in it and I think everybody who has never heard a good girl group before should listen to it and I am very pleased that I have it to listen to. I would give this record 10 out of 10.    

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