Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sly & The Family Drone - Unnecessary Woe.

Sly & The Family Drone - Unnecessary Woe (Self-Released).
This time I am reviewing a record by Sly & the Family Drone which is coming out soon. At first I thought it was a Sly & the Family Stone record when Arlo (who helps me write these reviews) gave it to me and I like Sly & the Family Stone because they did Dance to the Music and that is a very good song that I like very much - It isn't Sly and The Family Stone though it is a band called Sly & the Family Drone and I thought this was a bit funny because I didn't think you were allowed to do that.
         The reason that Sly & the Family Drone are called Sly & the Family Drone is because they are a drone band. I have reviewed some drone music before and when I did I had to learn a bit about it because I'd never really heard any before. What I learnt is that there is all sorts of drone music from all over the world and what it is is music that  sounds more like sounds that are stretched out than normal music does. I quite like it but I think it is a bit of weird type of music and I think that's because you don't really hear it too much so I'm not used to it.
         The first song on the CD that Sly & the Family Drone sent me is called Handed Cack and I thought this was quite funny because cack is another word for poo. The song starts quite quiet and it reminded me a bit of when it's early in the morning and not a lot's happening but then things start to happen a bit more - I was thinking of maybe a factory just opening and people getting things ready to work; there are clanking noises like machines starting up so that is what made me think of this. The noises start getting louder and there are more and more of them so then I started thinking of the men in the factory starting to work and getting busier, as well as noises like machines there was noises a bit like alarms and things like that.
Our kettle at the gate which we
put a sticker on that the band
sent us with the CD.
             This song goes into another one without their being any gaps and things get all quiet again so it made me think of packing up time but then some drums start and it doesn't really sound like that any more because it reminded me of a marching band marching, there are other noises in the back like bit wind blowing and this made me think of a marching band walking though empty streets at night, maybe in a snowstorm or something. I imagined them marching and marching as the storm gets worse because the background noises got all bigger and I tried to imagine where they were marching to and I thought of them marching to London but finding it empty because everybody has had to leave because of the storm which the men get stuck in. I liked making up a story in my head to go with this music and I think this is a good way to listen to music because music should make you think of things. At the end of this tune the drums get much faster and in the story in my head I thought this was because the storm was getting worse and there is no escape from it. I think this is a very good story to go with this song and I think other people would see what I mean if they listened to it or they could make up their own stories if they wanted.
            After this one is the third and last one which is called A Man that Could Look No Way but Downwards, with a Muck-Rake in his Hand and as well as having a long title it is also a very long song because it is nearly twenty minutes long. At the beginning it sounds a bit funny and weird like the band are testing out their things and there are noises like a drum kit being dragged about and other weird noises that I couldn't really work out what they sounded like - there are lots of different noises in this and like the other songs it gets noisier as it goes along with more different noises being added. I think what this most sounds like is when a band is getting their things together when they go to do a concert. It all gets very noisy after a long bit and there starts being a lot of shouting in it so I started thinking it sounded like the concert that Sly & the Family Drone were having was going wrong so they were getting frustrated shouting at each other and then after that it all starts to sound a bit more like a band playing normally, I thought this was very interesting and I enjoyed it and me and Arlo were bobbing our heads to the drums because It's that sort of music. I thought this was a good way to end the record.
              Overall I would say that this was a very interesting record that people would like if they like music that is weird and that can get a bit noisy. I would like to thank the people from the band for sending it to me because I have enjoyed listening to it very much. I would give this record 10 out of 10.

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