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Squarepusher - Ufabulum

Squarepusher - Ufabulum (Warp)
Squarepusher is a man called Tom Jenkinson who makes very interesting, happy and fast electronic night-club music that sometimes sounds a bit like jazz, he is an Essex boy who was born in the same year as my close friend Arlo who helps me do these record reviews which I thought was very interesting. When I looked it up it said that Squarepusher had been making music for 18 years and I have listened to some of his old stuff and think he is just as good as he used to be. I haven't heard much electronic music really except for a few things I have listened to for these reviews but I really like it when I have heard it so I am looking forward to reviewing this record very much.
          The version of the record we looked at comes in a nice, big, black box which has white dots on it that shine up in the dark and inside the box there is two records, a CD and a book so if you buy it you get a lot of things to look at and listen to which can only be a good thing. The real album Ufabulum is on the records and the CD is just an extra you get with the records so I will start by reviewing the music on the records and will get back to the CD later.
          The first song on the double album is called 4001 which could be the year a long time off in the future. I think things will be different in 4001 including people but I will probably be dead by then because I'm already fairly old - I don't think there will be any people from now who will be alive in the future but the sky and the land will still be here. The song is very fast, like a lot of Squarepusher's stuff that i've heard, with loads of drums and noises like an electric saw and noises which sound a bit like someone letting off wind - It is a good song and it reminded me a bit of seventies' television about space like Space 1999.
           After this one is Unreal Square and it starts off with a funny little tune that sounds to me a bit like an electronic budgerigar singing a kid's TV theme-tune from something like Scooby Doo, it is a nice little tune and a bit comical. After a bit of this tune the drums come in all fast and it sounds very good next to the funny tune and then it all goes even faster and a bit mad but that's a very a good thing because it makes the song more interesting and a lot of fun - I thought this one was a very brilliant lively song that a lot of people would like if they heard it especially young kids who I think would especially like it.
Leavesden, the long stay hospital
that was home to Pete from 1968 - 199(something). 
            The next song, which starts side B of the first record, is a bit slower but just as good and makes me think of the sort of music they play in the cinema before it goes dark and the film starts. It also reminded me a bit of Cars by Gary Newman which I first heard in the sheltered workshop of Leavesden Hospital when I lived there. It is good to be reminded of Cars because it brings back good memories of Leavesden, some people didn't like it in there but I thought it was alright and got on well there.
               The song after this is a song called Energy Wizard which sounds very similar to the last one but it's also very good so that's okay and after this is a song called Red in Blue which is a quiet tune without drums which sounds like like it is played on a church organ. I like the music in churches better than the talking so I quite liked this one and think it would be a nice song to relax to with a coffee and a cigarette.
              Red in blue was the last song on the first record and The Metallurgist is the start of the second one and it is back to the mad drums on this one. It starts though with a moody bit which reminds me of music at the end of the film about Marilyn Monroe Portrait of A Legend after Marilyn has died. I like this film a lot because tells you all about Marilyn's life and I liked Marilyn a lot. After this bit the drums start and there are a load of fast, mixed up noises like weird animals chattering in the jungle until it finishes and sounds a bit like the record is warping and wearing out but it isn't really it just sounds like it is. I like this one though it's a bit strange.
              The next tune is called Drax 2 and is a bit of a calmer tune in parts but is also fast in parts and I can imagine this one being good for boyfriends and girlfriends to dance to in the nightclubs. I've never been to nightclubs myself but I think they are a nice idea because lots of different people can mix together and dance and drink and have a good time - some people also take drugs that they get from drug pushers to make them high at nightclubs and I think this is ok and up to them.
              That one was the last song of the record side and on the other side of the record the first song is called Dark Steering. There are lots of noises like car noises on this one and it made me think of people taking a night ride in their car and speeding through tunnels and things while listening to the radio really loud.
                The next one is another really fast, noisy one that is very exciting and after that is the last song on the record which is not as noisy and is quite a happy little tune with lovely keyboard bits in it that  I thought was a nice way to end the record.

As well as the records though in the box you also get a CD which has another three songs on it which are all really good too especially the last song which made me think of a bull in a field just before it gets angry and charges or of boats coming in to port, there are non of the fast drums on this one buts that's ok because not every song needs fast drums - I liked this one a lot because it is very weird.

          Overall then I would say that this box would be a good thing to buy because it looks good and there is a lot of really excellent interesting music in it that is good to listen to. I would give this Squarepusher box 10 out of 10.

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