Monday, 21 May 2012

A Tribute to Robin Gibb.

I have been listening to this song because the man singing in it, Robin Gibb, has died aged 62 which is a terrible shame. I first heard of Robin Gibb in 1970 when I first heard Massachusetts by the world famous band he was in called the Bee Gees. Massachusetts is a nice song that I used to listen to with my brother on the radiogram because he had it on a record. That was before they had made many records but I think they were good even then before they started making disco songs. The disco records the Bee Gees made are very good records too though like Staying Alive and Jive Talkin' - I think all the records the Bee Gees made were good.
               Saved by the Bell though is my favourite Robin Gibb song and my brother had this one as well. This is very brilliant song that he did and even though it is a bit of a sad song it is a good record to listen to. They have Saved by the Bell on the Jukebox in the pub that I go to on a Sunday afternoon but I didn't know he had died yesterday so I will have to play it next Sunday when I go and I will remember Robin Gibb who was a very good singer and I think he will be missed by all the people who liked him which is probably millions of people. I will miss him too and so will all of us here at The Gate.
              So, so long and all the best Robin, from me and all of us at The Gate, we will all miss you, you were a very good singer and you made people happy.
               Yours Sincerely, Peter.

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