Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Swindle - Do The Jazz

Swindle - Do The Jazz (Deep Medi Music)
This time I am playing a twelve inch single of funky electronic music called Do The Jazz by a man called Swindle - I tried to find out more about Swindle to help with writing this but when we looked on the internet we couldn't find much so I will just get on with reviewing the music on the record:
           Do The Jazz is on the A-side of this record and it is a jazz song I suppose but not really like the jazz I've heard before. The jazz I've heard is mostly stuff like Acker Bilk and Kenny Borne and his Jazzmen who were both around in the sixties and this Swindle record doesn't sound like those at all. It does sound a bit like jazz but more modern jazz made on keyboards and computers and drum machines instead of real instruments though there are sounds like real instruments in the song too. I think electronic instruments are very good to listen to and that you can make very good music on them and that this song shows that this is true. At the beginning of the song you get a bit of guitar and a bit of clapping and a bit of keyboard and it is all quite quiet and relaxed but it gradually gets faster as the music heats up and more instruments and electronic noises join in until it all gets quite fast and very jazzy indeed. I thought this was a very good, very exciting song like I've never heard before and I don't think many other people would have either.
             On the other side of the record there are two songs and the first of these is called Under the Sun and this is also very good. I think this song is called Under the Sun because it would be a good song to play out in the garden on a hot day, maybe at a barbecue, because it would make you feel happy because it is very jovious music. I like to have barbecues at the house I live in and I usually get to choose the music so next time I think I will play this.
Pete watching this "very scary but
very good to 
look at" video.
             The second song on the B-side of the record is called If I was a Super Hero which I think is a great name for a song - if I was a super hero and had mystic powers I would use them to give everyone in the world freedom and make them feel happy but I'm not quite sure how I'd do it. The music on this song reminded me a bit of Jive Talkin' by the Bee-Gees but without the singing and more modern - I like the Bee-Gee's a lot so it was good to be reminded of them - I liked this song a lot because it is very funky indeed and I think it is a very good way to end the record.
              Overall then I would say that I thought this was a very, very good record that I enjoyed listening to very much. I think everybody who heard it would probably think so too especially people who like jazzy, funky records made on electronic instruments. I would give this record 10 out of 10.

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